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Wedding Decorations with Digital Photo Frames

  1. Many people use photos to decorate their wedding space, but in this digital day and age, you can use digital photo frames to create unique, fun wedding decorations. Digital Photo Frames integrates all your digital photos in the normal way, and now you do not need to use your computer to enjoy your digital photos. To insert photos into the frame you usually have to use an SD card or USB drive. Some of these frames can even play movies and music to match your photos, and many of them will play slideshow.

In the Church

Although you can’t have too many decorations for a party without flowers, you can use a digital photo frame in church. One of the best places to set up is your guest book. This way people can see your photos and important others when they sign their names and leave you a message. While you can use these frames at church or at your event venue, they are probably best suited as reception decorations.


At the reception, you can really create with your decorations. If you want to use multiple digital photo frames, you can set one for all tables. This will give people something to talk about during the meal, which is great if your family doesn’t know each other very well. You can include the same photos throughout the frame, such as your photos with your new spouse. However, you can also place different sets of images on each frame. For example, one frame may be the groom at a young age, one frame may be a bride at a young age, one frame may be a happy couple, and so on. When you do this, it gives people the opportunity to visit other tables to talk to people and see different pictures.

The great thing about digital photo frames as decorations is that once the wedding is over, you can use them as gifts for your parents, your bridesmaids, and your guides. You can prepare your own photo sets and frame them that night after the wedding or the next day. If you are considering using these frames for your wedding, it is a good idea to continue planting good ones. While you can find less expensive frames, you will want these memories to last.

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